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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Right On

I read James Pinkerton's smear of Ron Paul in Newsday today. He claimed that Paul called Huckabee a fascist. By any objective viewing of Paul's Fox News appearance, however, Paul didn't. I was going to do a post on how Paul should have said outright that Huckabee is a fascist; but I didn't have the time. Fortunately, Lew Rockwell did.
what is fascism? It is a real ideology, not just an epithet. It is characterized by belligerent nationalism, militarism, aggressive war, suppression of civil liberties, use of religion in the service of the state, exaltation of the executive, opposition to free markets domestically and internationally, corporatism, welfarism, domestic spying, torture, and detestation of the Other, in this case Muslims and Arabs. So not only is Huckabee a fascist, so are most other candidates of both parties, and the entire Christian right

Right on.

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