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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Snowy Day and DC Government Dysfunction

I woke up today surprised to see a coat of white in my yard. Then I got that awful feeling: I need to get to a business dinner tonight. Will the DC government get salt and plows on my street?

Sadly, the answer was No. The snow started at 6 AM and I left my house at 5:30 PM, eleven and a half hours later. I really needed to get to this dinner so I figured that my drive to Connecticut Ave was downhill so I should be okay and the ride back was anybody's guess.

I did get downtown but, as I feared, the ride back was anybody's guess. Even Nebraska Ave was icy and unplowed and not salted. In fact, I did not see one plow or salt truck all night. I managed to get my car within a mile of my house and then hoofed the rest on foot. I live in DC, which proports to be a city and certainly taxes you as if you lived in one.

How can a city completely break down with a few inches of snow? 14 hours after the start of snowfall, there was still no response.

I am excited to make my mile snowy walk tomorrow morning at 7 to fetch my car so that I can be on time to my meeting.

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