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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday's Ron Paul Rake

The Ron Paul campaign took in nearly $5 million in another one-day fundraising effort. Right now, the counter on the front page of Paul's campaign site stands at $18.15 million total for the 4th quarter (I'm not sure if the counter will still be on the front page on Monday).

On a sadder note, the story about the campaign's big-money day, although linked on the front page, is listed as a footnote to a story about how Barack Obama went to church with a throng of reporters in tow just to prove he's Christian enough, and not a Muslim in disguise trying to tear America apart from the inside out.

So Paul has to rake in a cool $5 million in one day to be mentioned in the MSM, and Obama just has to walk into a church. And Huckabee just has to smile. Well fuck.

Still, it was another impressive fundraising day for Paul and company.

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