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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trans-Fat Ban Starts in Montgomery County, MD

I had a laugh today when I read the Wa Post article about the enaction of Montgomery County's trans-fat ban. I was brought back to a car ride with my mother, about 20 years ago, when smoking was banned in airplanes. My mother was happy about this as she hates the smell of smoke. But young libertarian me countered: if you give the government the power to ban cigarettes because they are unhealthy, then you give the government the power to ban butter. "Oh no," my mother said, "they will never ban butter."

They have not yet banned butter, but they have banned margarine.

The Tastee Diner in Bethesda, pictured above, is not a big fan of the mandate. According to its owner, the
estimated the switch to a trans-fat-free menu will add $1,500 a month to his supply tab, which he will pass on to his customers. "Things are going to be a little less tasty and a little more expensive, but we'll survive," said Wilkes, who has owned the popular 24-hour diners since 1971, summarizing Montgomery's latest foray into the legislation of healthy habits.
If you give the government the power to legislate what you do not like, you also give them the power to legislate what you do like. In any event, individual liberty ought to trump the likes and dislikes of fellow citizens.

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