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Monday, December 03, 2007

War on Breath Mints

Hershey's goes after the allusive, "I want mints that look like crack" market. Who would have guessed anyone would have a problem with it?
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) ― The Hershey Company is under fire for making a product that law enforcement says resembles crack cocaine.

When Philadelphia narcotics officers first saw the breath mints, called Ice Breakers, they actually ordered a field test to determine its contents because the package looked so much like illegal drugs.[...]

Police fear the similarities between the newly released mints and the long-time packaging of deadly drugs could put children in danger.

"We could have a real tragedy, that child could consume that product thinking that it was candy," Blackburn said.[...]

Linda Wagner, a Philadelphia narcotics officer whose teenage daughter Krystal died of a drug overdose, is shocked that Hershey would market such a product.

"I just couldn't believe that such a large company would be so irresponsible to put out a product that resembles drugs," Officer Wagner said.
And I can't believe that a parent would be so irresponsible that she would allow her child to overdose...Two can play the responsibility game.

More from Wagner:
Officer Wagner, who teaches drug awareness in her daughter's memory, believes the only answer is to change the product or take it off store shelves.

"To have a company that produces a product like this, you feel defeated," Officer Wagner said.
Don't let the Feds hear you talking like that...They wouldn't like that secret to get out. Full article here. More here.

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