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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Footbal Preview

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (-10)
“A.P.! A.P.! A.P.!” That’s what the fans will be screaming Monday night in Minnesota, where Adrian Peterson and the Vikings are fighting for a very attainable wildcard playoff spot. It is also what I will be yelling on Monday night, as he is a staple of my fantasy football team, which was able to get to the finals despite the zero-point-output from A.P. last week. Shit, I’m yelling it now.

At home + On turf + Playoffs on the line + Two headed monster of A.P. and Chester Taylor = A win for the Vikings. I could write about how pathetic and disappointing the Bears have been this season… but instead, I’ll write… “A.P.! A.P.! A.P.!” Final Score: Vikings 31 – Bears 17.

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints (-3.5)
Both teams are 6-7, and both teams are clinging to slim playoff hopes. Whoever loses this game will fall to 6-8, and will have no chance to reach the postseason (I think the loser will be statistically eliminated, but I’m not sure). The Saints have been extremely inconsistent this season, after the slow 0-4 start. Brees has been playing well and could easily throw for three or four touchdowns against Arizona.

On the other team, beat-up Kurt Warner is still starting for the Cardinals. Also beat-up are their two standout WR’s, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. But for some odd reason, I think the Cardinals will win this game. I don’t even have a logical or reasonable explanation for this belief. Maybe it’s Warner’s good looks. Or maybe I’m just under the influence of a large quantity of drugs, or alcohol, or both. What was I saying? Oh yeah, the game… Final Score: Cardinals 26 – Saints 22.

Redskins at Giants (-4.5)
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Eli Manning sucks. Every night, he looks in the mirror, closes his eyes, and prays that when he opens them, that he’ll see Peyton in that mirror. It hasn’t worked out for him yet. In the game against the Redskins, Eli’s opposing QB is Todd Collins. A statistical plus for Todd is that he hasn’t thrown a pick in about a decade. The problem is, he’s 85 years old and hasn’t started in any games since World War II.

The Giants have an impressive pass rush, led by their two start DE’s. The Redskins may not be able to provide the senior citizen with enough time to operate in the pocket. If the Skins can get the running game rolling, then they have a good chance to beat the Giants, who aren’t a particularly high scoring team. If Portis and Betts combine for more than 150 yards on the ground, Washington will win. If New York shuts down the running game, the lesser Manning will get the W. I think it will be the latter. Final Score: Giants 22 – Redskins 16.

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