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Friday, December 07, 2007

Weekend Football Preview

With the Redskins getting a victory against the Bears in the Thursday night game, their playoff hopes are still technically alive. But in order to actually reach the postseason, they probably need to beat EACH of the following teams: the Cowboys, the Giants and the A.P. led Vikings. This would be very hard for a good football team. For Washington, it’ll be damn near impossible. So just hope that no one else dies before next season…. Here are my predictions for a few of the Sunday games.

Giants (+2.5) at Eagles (-2.5)
I’m not sure how, but the Giants have an impressive 8-4 record. Being in the NFC, where everyone sucks, doesn’t hurt. People are beginning to see that Eli Manning isn’t Peyton… or more like is isn’t even CLOSE to Peyton. His quarterback skill set may be closer to that of Dallas Clark. Or Ryan Leaf. Or my mother.

The 5-7 Eagles are actually favored in this game. Actually… let me rephrase that… Brian Westbrook is favored in this game. Westbrook is more important to his team than any other one player in the NFL. The guy is the focal point of their running game AND passing game. He’s their go-to guy in the red zone. If the Eagles were a winning football team, he would get my vote for NFL MVP. So what if I don’t actually get a vote. I don’t know if McNabb will start and I don’t care. He and Feely are interchangeable in this Westbrook-centered offense. Anyway, I think the Eagles win in Philadelphia. Final Score: Eagles 19 – Giants 12.

Chargers (even) at Titans (even)
The Titans were rolling along until they lost to the division rival Jaguars a few weeks back. Now, both the Chargers and the Titans are at 7-5 and both are fighting for the playoffs.

Vince Young will be forced to make plays with his arm, as San Diego will pack defenders into the box to shut down Tennessee’s seventh ranked rushing attack. He did well against Houston last week, but will probably not see the same success against the Chargers’ secondary.

The Chargers should win this game, and will, so long as they feed the Ball to L.T. He rushed for 177 yards last week and is again looking like the dominant force he was a year ago. Look for him to have a big day, and to open up the passing options in their WR’s and TE Antonio Gates. I think Gates scores a touchdown; I think L.T. scores 2. Final Score: Chargers 27 – Titans 22.

Steelers (+10.5) at Patriots (-10.5)“I don’t know Anthony Smith.” This was Patriots defensive end Ty Warren’s response to question about Smith – a Pittsburgh safety who guaranteed a win this Sunday against New England. The funniest part is that this statement is probably the truth. Nobody knows who the fuck Anthony Smith is. The guy’s in his second pro season and is only starting because of an injury to Ryan Clark earlier in the season.

Well, the prediction is probably wrong. This game’s 10.5 point spread is not an absurd one (like prior Patriots games), but it is pretty accurate. The 9-3 Steelers have allowed the fewest points and fewest total yards of any NFL team. They could present problems for Tom Brady and the Pats offense. Still, the undefeated Patriots will probably get another win at home. Final Score: Patriots 24 – Steelers 16.

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