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Friday, December 28, 2007

Weekend Football Preview

Two games this weekend stand out in the minds of everyone that matters. “Everyone that matters” means, basically, Redskins fans. The Patriots are chasing history and could be 16-0 after Saturday night. The Redskins face the Cowboys in a game that actually means something. So like I said, to the important people in this world, these two games are all that matter.

New England Patriots (-14) at New York Giants (+14)
Both organizations are asking themselves the same question as they prepare for the final game of the regular season. This question is “Should we try to win this game or should we focus on the postseason?” Well folks, being as wise as I am, I have the answers. The right answers.

For the Giants, the answer is: “It doesn’t fucking matter what you do – you will still lose. So rest your shitty starting QB and your ailing WR and whoever else you care about.” See how easy that was? They already have solidified their postseason status, and they really don’t have any incentive to win, other than to prevent the Pats from making history. In the four weeks before their win against Buffalo in extreme weather conditions they played four mediocre NFC teams. In these games, they lost to Washington, struggled against Philly and Chicago, and were trounced by the Vikings. Against the best of the AFC, I don’t think they stand a chance, given what New England has to play for.

To the Patriots, I answer their question with a few questions of my own. How many teams have had a perfect season? OK, now, how many teams have won a super bowl? And don’t you guys have a few trophies already? Right… If you haven’t figured it out yet, I think the Patriots should focus on attaining that 16-0 record. I’d rather have that under my belt than one more trophy.
You may also ask how long the starters should remain in the game. I’d say keep ‘em in the game until you have the game on lock. Against the Giants, this should be mid-third quarter at the latest. I’ll predict that the Pats get up comfortably, take out Brady, and run the ball more than usual with some success. Final Score: Patriots 30 – Giants 17.

Dallas Cowboys (+9) at Washington Redskins (-9)
This game against bitter rivals means everything for the Redskins, and very little for the Cowboys. With a youthful Todd Collins at the helm, Washington has rebounded from a four game losing streak with a run of three consecutive victories. They have put themselves in a “win and you’re in” situation where a win secures the 6th NFC playoff spot. They must do it against their most hated division foe.

Wade Phillips hasn’t said with certainty who he’s playing and who he’s benching. He has insinuated that he will not “slow down” despite clinching home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. But with Romo nursing a thumb injury and other players banged up, he’d be an idiot to play at full-force. We know T.O. is out. Should he risk injuring anyone else? Absolutely not. Sure, they would like to have 14 wins instead of 13. But the distinction isn’t nearly as important as protecting the team’s starters.

Even without T.O. and Romo, the Brad Johnson-led Cowboys could beat Washington. I emphasize could. Washington, with momentum and all the incentive in the world, should win. Collins shouldn’t make many costly mistakes and the running game should continue to be effective. The Redskins should win and I believe they will. If they continue their success on the ground and on the defensive side of the ball, the Skins could actually be a force in the playoffs… but we can worry about later. For now, I’ll speak on behalf of my fellow Redskins fans when I say, “WE WANT DALLAS!” Final Score: Redskins 26 – Cowboys 21.

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