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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Anti-Libertarian Wins Arlington County Head Council Seat

Campaigning on a platform of banning trans-fats and smoking, requiring property owners who sell their property to pay for the relocation of their tenants and also generally hating cars, Walter Tejada became Arlington Board Chairman on New Year's Day. From today's Wa Post:
Tejada (D) said he would encourage restaurants to ban the use of trans fat in foods, seek to eliminate smoking in public places and require property owners to pay relocation assistance to low-income tenants who are displaced. The county also will urge residents to give up their cars to save money and reduce greenhouse gases.
All of us who believed that smoking bans were the first step in a slippery slope of government control of personal choices were, basically, right.

Tejada says he would "encourage" but if you read the article he is doing everything in his power to coerce and ban through the strong arm of the law.
"A lot of people in our community would be inclined to go to restaurants that don't use trans fats."
I agree with this point, but come out completely opposite of Tejada: let patrons make their own decisions and there is no need for government control of patrons' choices.

I won't even go into the assault on property rights that he is proposing.

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