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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blade 4 Begins Filming; Snipes Battles Toughest Blood Sucking Vampires Yet

the IRS.
Snipes, the star of the "Blade" films and "White Men Can't Jump," is on trial with two tax protesters in one of the biggest criminal cases in IRS history, and the agency hopes the media attention on the matter will dissuade others in the "tax avoidance" movement from trying to outwit the government.

"People who do it openly and notoriously, you've got to go after them," said Sheldon Cohen, who was IRS commissioner and general counsel in the 1960s. "Not because he's that important or the amount of money is that important, but because there are others who may be foolish enough to follow."

Snipes, 45, could get up to 16 years in prison if convicted on all counts, although sentences that long are unusual.
Not only did Wesley Snipes stop paying taxes after 2000, he also sought to recover close to $12 million in illegal refunds for the taxes he did pay in previous years.
Snipes, who is free on $1 million bond, was paying millions in federal income taxes until 2000 when, according to prosecutors, he accepted the arguments of his two co-defendants. Snipes then allegedly began seeking nearly $12 million in illegal refunds for taxes he already paid.
Thanks to Sean Higgins for the link, who made the astute observation in an e-mail to me: "He not only stopped paying taxes in 2000, he demanded that the IRS refund $12 million back to him? It is amazing that the guy can walk given how big his balls must be." Indeed.

Full article here.

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