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Friday, January 04, 2008

But He Got Shot!

I was desperate to find this video somewhere throughout the tubes, and this is the best I could find. I actually watched the Democratic Caucuses on C-Span. Not the coverage, but one of the actual caucuses that they filmed. What a supremely stupid process. Jaw-droppingly stupid. If you watched one of these things and didn't have an sudden impulse to wander around in West Baltimore with $100 bills visibly taped to your body...well then, good for you. I wanted to kill myself. Watch a caucus and witness the power that these activist hacks (Iowan activist hacks at that) hold over the rest of our country through their completely unfair, and undemocratic political machinery. Disgusting.

Anyway, check out the first video in the link. It was one of the many unintended comedic moments of C-Span's caucus coverage. An Obama supporter is trying to convince an undecided voter to join their camp. Undecided says, "What about his lack of experience". Supporter repeats the Lincoln-had-the-same-experience line. She says, "But he got shot!". Watch it. Plays great on film.

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