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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DC Track Star Disqualified Due to Her Muslim Garb

From a Wa Post article today:
Juashaunna Kelly, a Theodore Roosevelt High School senior who has the fastest mile and two-mile times of any girls' runner in the District this winter, was disqualified from Saturday's Montgomery Invitational indoor track and field meet after officials said her Muslim clothing violated national competition rules...

The outfit allows her to compete while complying with her Muslim faith, which forbids displaying any skin other than her face and hands.
This issue is complex for libertarians. On the one hand, people should be free to express their religion (I prefer that term to the loaded but media-adopted term "faith," which de facto categorizes the non-religious as lacking "faith"). On the other hand, sports have rules about uniforms and why should one's religion give a competitor a free pass to disregard those rules when, say, nudists cannot also disregard them and run meets in the buff?

The story of Ms. Kelly is a sob-inducing one, but allowing her to disregard uniform rules solely based on her religion either gives religion a privileged place in society or opens the door to anyone objecting to uniform requirements based on similar claims. That is a slippery slope.

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