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Friday, January 11, 2008

Drug Inspired Friday Links

Cigarettes, pot, crack, and coffee. What more could you want in one cafe?

Bound to make your skin crawl and your temper flare. Prepare yourself for a DEA reality show coming to Spike TV this year. From producer Al Roker:
Television viewers will get the same unprecedented access to the inner workings of the DEA as our camera crews – the raids, the risks and the danger," said the show's executive producer, Al Roker. "This series is the real deal, exposing elements of the illegal drug trade that you could not imagine. When you watch DEA, you will feel like you have gone undercover."
"Exposing elements of the drug trade that you could not imagine." No, I can pretty easily imagine what they are going to show. I'm guessing it will be nothing like Traffik, and completely like Dallas Swat.

Don't worry Amy; they make me give DNA samples just to enter other countries. Or I think they do...Come to think of it, that "nurse" under the stairs at BWI Airport did kind of look like a homeless troll. Not a "Government Testing Official" like his name tag read...I really didn't think a stool test was necessary for trip to Europe.

Let's wrap this post up with some typically dramatic drug stories from the British press. 1) A user who suffers a heart attack from meth sues her dealer.
“I have gotten sober. I think that’s taking responsibility for my actions. I don’t think I should have to take responsibility for both of our actions. I think he should meet me half way. That’s what this lawsuit is about,” she said.
2) Pot puts 500 a week in hospital.
Doctors say cannabis abuse can contribute to mental health problems including forms of psychosis, paranoia and schizophrenia. There can be harmful physical side-effects, disrupting blood pressure and exacerbating heart and circulation disorders.
Oooooooo scary....

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