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Friday, January 04, 2008


Federal agents are targeting a turbo-charged form of Ecstasy that is gaining in popularity, fearing it will lead to fatal overdoses similar to ones experienced a few years ago caused by heroin mixed with fentanyl.

Michigan and nine other states along Canada's border would see the first wave of any such overdoses, and officials are warning that the so-called "extreme Ecstasy," which is mixed with methamphetamines, is becoming a problem.

"They (drug dealers) are remarketing and packaging it and trying to glamorize it," said Scott Burns, deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. "We just went through this issue with fentanyl. We learned a lot of things from that. We have to get on it early and get on it aggressively."
Drudge has a link to a this story in the Detroit Times about the potential of a new, and much more potent form of ecstasy that contains methamphetamine. Officials, in a hope to simultaneously scare the beejbus out of parents, and intrigue kids everywhere, have labeled the "drug" extreme ecstasy. Good work guys, way to borrow a page out of Mountain Dew's marketing book.

As with most ONDCP claims, this is all hype and very little substance, and does nothing but point to the larger failures of the very war that they are losing. The street-drug version of MDMA is a composite drug. You don't buy pure MDMA tablets; ecstasy pills are usually MDMA adulterated with some combination of ketamine, procaine, caffeine, cocaine, heroin, and yes methamphetamine. The combination of drugs that are used can be endless. When we talk about controlling the purity of drugs by legalizing them this is what we mean. A buyer has no idea what he/she is getting when you buy purported ecstasy on the street.

The funny thing about this particular case? People are not dropping dead in the street from this combo ecstasy. The Feds try to compare this to the mass heroin overdoses that were/are most likely caused by some bad batches of the drug that were heavily adulterated with fetanyl. But that's a stretch for even drug warriors to make. We haven't seen anything like that with the combo ecstasy tablets, and I have no idea why we would. Fetanyl is not the same thing as meth. Not nearly, and the amounts of methampthetimine used in producing ecstasy is usually under 5% of the body of the drug. We aren't talking about a lollipop size of meth.

Here, here, here and here are examples of component ecstasy. Read it for yourself. And here's what the DEA Microgram Bulletin had to say back in August about these multi-component forms of ecstasy:
Once unusual, these multi component type Ecstasy tablets have recently become very common in the region served by the South Central Laboratory.
Show me some bodies.

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