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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bitter Debate Hurts Obama More Than Clinton

I'm sure everyone who's reading this has already heard about all the Clinton vs. Obama bickering at the SC debate and afterwards, but I'll link to the CNN story anyway. And here's a video clip.

As someone who may (reluctantly) vote Obama for president but would not vote for Hillary, I think Obama needs to tone it down. This type of bickering from Hillary isn't much of a surprise to me, and I'm guessing it wouldn't come as a surprise to most. Obama, on the other hand, is (or at least was) banking on his more honest and friendly image.

If not for personality differences, what exactly is left to distinguish between Obama and Clinton? Except for non-binding versus binding universal health insurance mandates, I can't think of any solid difference. If Obama wants to defeat Hillary based on the friendly, new-guy-to-Washington image, then he needs to stop sounding so much like a seasoned politician.

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