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Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Links

Don't forget to celebrate the birthday of one of history's great drunkards, Edgar Allan Poe. Metromix gives you a few local bars to toast the man in, some with a connection to the write, some not. Off the list, I'd go with Maggie Moore's and/or The Horse You Came In On. The Horse is supposed to be where Poe had his last drink, before dying in a Baltimore alley. I've never seen his ghost there, but it does usually have a healthy selection of desperate older women on the prowl most nights.

Bobby Fischer dies.

Golf Magazine tries to calm down the Tiger racial controversy by putting a noose on their most recent cover. Ask the editor how that worked out for him. Just don't use his Golf Magazine e-mail to do that, because he no longer works there.

Preview of the Jones-Trinidad fight this Saturday.

Mark Wahlberg promises to do his best Johnny Depp impression, and will star in the Hollywood version of the (pretty good) Cocaine Cowboys documentary.

Surprise, surprise.
HUNTINGTON PARK, Calif.—A police officer who was on a federal drug task force has been arrested on suspicion he conspired to sell cocaine and marijuana he stole from drug dealers, officials said.

Huntington Park Police Sgt. Alvaro Murillo, 44, of West Covina, is accused of using his job to recruit informants in the drug world, then using them to help him steal narcotics. He then allegedly made arrangements to sell the drugs.

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