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The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or TO THE PEOPLE.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

General Thoughts About Blogging and Threats

As I said last night I'm aware of this. Rogier does a admirable job covering the details, and providing a serious response to the guy who most likely left two very angry comments on our blogs. I certainly appreciate it. That being said, I don't much feel like responding to this particular case. If Cicero or anyone else here would like to, I'm sure that they will do that, but that's not for me to do.

Of course I take any threat seriously to any blogger that I was fortunate to share a blog with; but this guy commented on a post from 18 months ago, didn't bother to click the contact link to the right to send us an angry e-mail, and didn't explicitly say "I will kill you". If the commenter wants to clear things up and admit that yes, he was threatening Cicero or all of us, and that he will in fact kill one or all of us, I will start to take this a bit more seriously. Until then I'm not going to give him any more attention.

However, this opportunity provides me a chance to explain ourselves and what we do here -- with the caveat that any of my co-bloggers are more than welcome to add or take issue with anything I say.

During my time here, I've always felt the goal of TtP was to entertain and inform anyone who would choose to read us. Sometimes we can accomplish both in a day. Sometimes neither. Often times it is a messy pile of shit that anyone is free to take a peek at and decide for themselves if they want to continue to stare at it. But I can't imagine a day where we didn't offend someone out there. I wouldn't want that day to come, truthfully, because it means we are dull, boring and serve very little purpose in existing. Now, is some outrage directed at us warranted? Perhaps. It's not for me to decide and honestly, who really gives a fuck? Humor is about offending someone -- it just is.

Now, we do try and direct our own outrage at those people most deserving, but I'd be lying if I said we don't occasionally miss our target. As always, readers are free to decide if we are going too far, too often, and then choose to not visit us.

We never claim to be for everyone, but I would hope that the differing styles of the bloggers here would appeal to a wide spectrum of readers online. It might not, but we're plenty OK with that.