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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Betcha' She Licks a Mean Asshole*

When beauty queen law-clerks go bad:

TUCSON, Ariz. - A law school student and former beauty queen who has posed for a racy calendar while brandishing a weapon has been accused of kidnapping, biting and threatening a former boyfriend with a handgun. [...]

In the Dec. 18 indictment, Fulbright is accused of holding and torturing her 24-year-old ex-boyfriend in early December with the help of three other men, including another man she had previously dated.

Authorities think the dispute began because the ex-boyfriend was believed to have stolen jewlery given to Fulbright by the former beau suspected of helping in the attack.

Fulbright invited the man to her apartment, then excused herself to shower, said police spokesman Sgt. Fabian Pacheco. Then two men showed up and bound him with plastic ties and duct tape, accused him of taking the jewelry, and threatened to shoot him with pistols, Pacheco said.

When Fulbright finished her shower, she allegedly bit the man on his forearm, right hand and ear, held a butcher knife to his head, and told him she was going to kill him.
Authorities said the man was taken to another home, where the assault continued, then took him back to Fulbright's house, where she guarded him with a gun.

The man finally managed to free a hand and grabbed the gun, which discharged but hit no one, authorities said. As their struggle spilled outside, the man screamed for help, then ran to a home down the block, while Fulbright returned to her apartment, Pacheo said.
Reminds me of a similar story involving me, a team of hookers, lots of meth, and a cage. But it was voluntary. And they were ugly. And possibly dudes...Come to think of it, it wasn't anything like the story...But boy was it fun. Expensive, but fun.

Story here. Thanks to Sean Higgins for link, who I'm sure is always appreciative to have his name associated with our posts.

*No title reference to explain...I just bet she licks a mean asshole.

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