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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Links

* Man sues the Yankees for "fraud" based on the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. The amount he's suing for? $221. I think I've spent that on beer at a baseball game before. If I was going to sue the not-so-strapped-for-cash Yankees, I'd go for at least 8 digits. By the way, good luck proving that case.

* In Pennsylvania, a man was charged with disorderly conduct for writing "fuck" on the memo line of a check used to pay a parking ticket fine. The article claims the charges were filed because the comment was obscene. And, upon the charges being dropped, the police chief is quoted as saying "He was contrite enough to offer an apology, and I think that satisfies the people who were insulted by it". Is insulting someone grounds for a lawsuit? The article doesn't say. The Bill of Rights does.

* Dog damn nearly gets hit by lightning.

* One more reason to love YouTube: Amateur blues guitar.

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