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Monday, January 21, 2008

Maryland Bill Seeks to Ban Trans-Fats in the State

Maryland is facing an enormous budget shortfall and just raised taxes by $1.4 billion, Baltimore is the setting for The Wire, and a state leglislator thinks that it is important to ban trans-fats in the state.
The legislation comes from Democrat James W. Hubbard, whose recent bill in Maryland’s House of Delegates would ban restaurants from serving foods with more than a half-gram of trans fat per serving. [Who would regulate that for Maryland, a new band of trans-fat experts?]

"Legislation efforts to ban trans fats are sweeping our nation, and that's a good thing for public health," said consumer health advocate Mike Adams, author of "Poison In the Food," a book about hydrogenated oils. "The more cities and states enact these bans, the more pressure it places on corporations like McDonald's to clean up their act and stop harming their customers' health with artificial ingredients known to be damaging to human health."

The trans fats ban would affect fast food restaurants and mom-and-pop eateries alike: it bans the use of margarine, shortening or anything with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils as part of the preparation of the food.
P.S. I am old enough to remember that margarine was supposed to be better than butter in terms of health. And I remember the 1980's outcry over McDonald's frying their fries in beef fat, which at that point was the devil and led them and other fast food outlets to fry with trans-fat.

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