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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Primary

Looks like Mitt takes it, which as they say.....Continues to keep the race wide open. On the Democratic side, Uncommitted is staging a strong showing against Clinton. I'd keep a close eye on Uncommitted come Nevada.

Huckabe's speech ('cause it's important to really hear what this guy says)---Huckabee reminds us that he won Iowa. Then goes on to declare a win in South Carolina. "Leadership that comes right from the earth"...? Speaking about himself. I'd provide context, but I don't think there was any...

"We need to remind people that families raise children better than the government does." I think he meant to follow it up with --- "After the kids leave the nest is where the government takes over."

Well this is fantastically honest stuff -- "It's time the government isn't centered so much in Washington, but in the small towns across America."

OK, we get it, you need to win in South Carolina. And Mitt has more money than you. Whatever. Get over it.

I'm going to make a prediction about South Carolina based upon 4 years spent in the coastal region of the state. Huckabee doesn't do as well as he hopes. Pundits generalize the evangelical/protestant vote in the South, but it isn't always that simple. South Carolina has its share of southern baptist, but it's not like other places, i.e. Iowa. You still have a healthy population of waspy Episcopalian types that don't match up with Huck.

Romney--Whoa. I think he just mentioned George Herbert Walker Bush twice. And said that he's gotten "inspiration" from Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. Odd stuff.

UPDATE: To the People needs to get quoted on Fox News Channel's "Blogitics". Or otherwise known last week as, "Blog Buzz". You know, mointoring what the blogs are saying, and all that. I could see it now --"Time to see what the blogs are saying. To the People says:
"9:01 -- Battle for 4th -- Paul 8.4%, Giuliani 9.2%. Huckabee is tough to watch on TV. "We are going to take America up; not down." Give me a break. He makes me want to hurl the whiskey bottle at my TV set...if only I didn't value the whiskey so much.
And be sure to check out their bestiality and armed women tags while your there!"

Ah...Oh well, they're dreams, we can all have them.

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