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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NPR's "Fresh Air" Taps The Wire

Have you ever sat in your car when you were already home because you couldn't tear yourself away from a great NPR story that was playing on the radio? I did that yesterday, when Terry Gross interviewed Clark Johnson, who directed the first two episodes of The Wire as well as its last one and plays a newspaper editor in this final season. That interview was great and full of surprises, such as the fact that Johnson's mother was a wealthy white New York socialite who went to Spence and was disowned because she married a black man.

I sidled up to my radio today at 3pm to hear Gross interview Michael K. Williams, who plays the most interesting character on the show, Omar. If you did not hear it live, you can hear it via the earlier link. One nuggest is how Michael Williams was at a Baltimore bar and saw the person who now plays Snoop. He couldn't tell if she was a young boy or a woman and kept staring at her, "in a rude way," he admits. He was so intrigued with her that he introduced her to the producers, who created the Snoop role just for her.

The Wa Post had a great profile of Snoop here.
Four years out of prison, age 24, Snoop wasn't living a life lined up along the straight and narrow. She was back in the game, peddling drugs, running with the rough boys, an undersize woman with an oversize swagger. Not much good was coming her way.

Until the night that Snoop spotted "Omar," the gay thug on the acclaimed HBO show "The Wire," at a club. Or maybe he spotted her. Accounts differ.
Well "Omar" just set the record straight. Go Terry Gross and NPR for keeping me within ten feet of my radio.

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