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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Primary Live-Blogging

Dave Weigal sees the tonight's outcome in much the same way as your humble Baltimore correspondent. And if he isn't picking Ron Paul to finish 3rd, I'd say it's going to be a tough one for Paul to pull out.

7:33 -- Just saw an exit poll for Democratic voters...15% made up their minds today. Did any of them switch to Hilliary? [ed-Apparently some did....Or rather, most did]

8:12 -- Early results show the Democratic race very close with Hillary at 38%, Obama 36%. Republicans are what you would think McCain 37%, Mitt 28%...Paul tied with Giuliani at 9% in 4th. Democratic race will be interesting.

ABC is giving it to McCain already? I can't find in on the web anywhere, just caught it on television....

8:30 -- Clinton is pulling ahead. 40%. McCain wins. How funny is it to hear Brit Hume say blogosphere? I switched from the local NH news coverage on C-Span just to watch their "Blog Buzz" segment. Blogs!!! What ARE the blogs saying!??! Fox News--- "Here's what the mainstream blogs are saying, which really, is what we are saying too. But it's a different medium!"

9:01 -- Battle for 4th -- Paul 8.4%, Giuliani 9.2%. Huckabee is tough to watch on TV. "We are going to take America up; not down." Give me a break. He makes me want to hurl the whiskey bottle at my TV set...if only I didn't value the whiskey so much.

9:12 -- Christ. McCain scares the living shit out of me. Fucking old as shit, and he does this smug grin/chuckle that is plain evil. You couldn't pay me to vote for the guy.

Good god, McCain's speech could be delivered better by a down syndrome patient. Very poor. And not all of us are your friends John. Drop the "My friends", it's getting old.

9:28 -- Wow. Am I the last guy to notice McCain's hot daughter?. I take back all my criticism of McCain. 8 years of Meghan McCain!

And she has a blog.

10:03 -- Looks like Paul is creeping up to take over 4th from Giuliani as college areas report. Will be interesting to see the final results.

10:37 -- AP calls it for Hillary. I think a network has as well. Paul is steady at 7.9% consistently 1,000 votes behind Rudy. All the college towns haven't reported yet...

10:50 -- Obama touting his youth support. Goes on about the numbers of kids who turn out to his rallies, using terms like "never before", "youth who have never been involved in the political process now are. But did they vote in NH? Or just hold signs. Will they vote at some point, in some state? They never do, and I'd be surprised if they start now.

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