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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Primary Saturday

It's a full Saturday -- SC Primary, Nevada caucuses, and Maryland Terrapin BBall plays UNC down in Chapel Hill. So quickly I'll do some of my top-notch reporting where I repeat what I see on TV and read on the real blogs. I'll be checking in after the SC results start trickling in and MD pulls the upset of the year and beats #1 UNC.

---Ron Paul is pulling 12% in a dead heat for 2nd in Nevada with McCain and Huckabee. Romney's been declared the winner with 56% so far.

---Not much to say about the Democratic race. God knows how long it will take for the results to start coming out from that ridiculous process...

---Amusing to see a caucus in Caesers Palace, with guys in cook hats sitting in the crowd.

---Jim Geraghty reports that early exit polls show a tight race in SC between Huckabee and McCain.

UPDATE: Who cares about any of my election '08 predictions, at least my Maryland prediction proved to be correct. 18 point dogs on the road against the #1 Tarheels and pull out a huge victory. Huge.

As for Nevada and SC...It's still close, but it looks like Paul is going to grab a 2nd in Nevada. Should provide his campaign with a boost. Clinton wins, hispanics pour to Clinton. That's a question for Obama -- Will hispanics vote for Obama?

7:05 Exit polls in SC show McCain with the lead over Huckabee 32-27. Still too early to call. Romney and Thompson fighting over 3rd

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