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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The School Where Every Teacher Fucks and the Desks are Made of Chocolate and Pepperments

Once I can understand. Twice begins a pattern. Three times? In four months? That's called heaven for 16 year old boys.
A Spring Westfield High School teacher is accused of having sex with a student. Investigators said the woman was caught inside a classroom performing oral sex on a teenager. [...]

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted sexual assault of a child charges Monday morning. Hrozek was being held in the Harris County Jail, but posted a $50,000 bond Monday night.

She is the third Spring ISD teacher in the last four months that has been charged with having sex with a student.
Time for me to some investigative reporting. And by investigative reporting, I mean posing as a 17 year old transfer student in hopes of getting blown by a teacher. Trust me it'll work. Get me my late-'90's-Old-Navy-high-school-wardrobe intern!

P.S: The position of TtP's house intern is open and ready to be filled by a promiscuous hard-working young lady. The pay and benefits are non-existent, but the experience is invaluable. Do you know what it means to put To the People blogging experience on a resume? 'Cause I do. Actually, never mind, that's a horrible example. That never works. Except if by works, you mean always ends up with uncomfortable silence in a job interview as you realize they don't find tranny jokes funny. But you would get to rub my hairy belly, and make coffee, so I say take the gig.

P.P.S: I just noticed I have the "fun" label, followed by the "sex crimes" label for this post. An oversight on my part if anything. But while I'm at it; check out our sex crimes label...You wouldn't want to miss out on classic stuff like, When Humping Your Bicycle is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Hump Bicycles.

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