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Monday, January 21, 2008

Show Me Some Boobies!

My Dad passes this along with the subject line -- "Your readers might be interested in this info..."
When we're driving cross country, navigating the backroads of America with our trusty GPS unit, we always think, "boy, I wish this thing had fewer gas stations and more titty bars." Hurrah for NUDAR, the site that hopes to catalogue every single nude, topless, pastie, bikini bar, nude beach and nudist resort in the continental US. You can contribute by sending in the location of nude places so people can download the "Points of Interest" to their GPS devices for use on the road. I'll show you point of interest, baby.
Brilliant! It pains me to say so; but it looks like my trusty, and always rock solid BONAR is now obsolete. What will technology replace next?

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