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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Links

I know its primary season....but shouldn't we be hearing more about this?

Afghanistan tires of younger brother Iraq getting all the attention and says, "What about our country? You know the one you invaded first." Welcomes a US plan that would boost the American military contingent to 30,000 troops.

I love Tiger Woods. The world's greatest golfer, of all times, and a special kind of classy. I'd like to sit down for a burger and beers with him and his wife. Mostly his wife.

He found himself in a situation that he could have allowed to explode into another Don Imus moment. What did he do? Well, he didn't overreact and instead worked to defuse a situation that everyone knew was an unfortunate slip of the tongue when Gold Channel announcer (Kelly Tilghman) jokingly said that the world's top young golfers should, "Lynch him in a back alley". It sounds bad, I know. God, that sounds bad. But in context, it really wasn't. Sometimes people just say stupid things without any meaning behind them. She apologized directly to Tiger after the tournament coverage, and he accepted, saying publicly that the matter was closed, and that he considers Kelly a friend. Still, though I don't need to defend her choice of words, because it has nothing to with me. Right Reverend Al? Nothing to do with me....or you at all.
Before her suspension was announced, Sharpton spoke earlier on CNN's "Prime News" and continued to push for her firing, saying he wanted to meet with Golf Channel because the comments were "an insult to all blacks."
Go away, and leave us all alone. Please.

And finally, Tim Cavanaugh has the must-read piece on Ron Paul's newsletters. Read it.

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