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Monday, January 28, 2008

Whiskey Blogging the State of the Union

Yes, I saw this. I don't have much to add to what Rogier said, other than it was CICERO who wrote it. CICERO. C-I-C-E-R-O. Anything more serious about it (or less serious), I'll say tomorrow. Now, on to the State of the Union!

9:15--Something about it's tax season, ends with -- "The IRS accepts both checks and money orders" ZING! George Bush scores a joke about the plundering of Americans. Good one!*

Some stuff about earmarks. I say what about the other billions of dollars that are wastefully spend on government spending. Like the Department of Education. Or the NEA. Or the ONDCP.

9:25--I see the Senate's couple, Teddy and Obama, are sitting together in the front, towards Bush's right. When you get a profile shot of Bush from the left you can see them. I must say they are awfully cute.

9:35--Immigration. "Uh, I really fucked up with that whole comprehensive immigration bill. Really misread my base, and Democrats were more than willing to let us Republicans kick each other in the balls. So I'm going to talk with really empty rhetoric for about 4 minutes about immigration, and not really say anything."

Me: I'm paraphrasing here, but it was something close to that.

9:37--I missed the last 4 minutes, but I did catch, "we will deliver justice to our enemies." Does it really even matter what came before it?

9:39--Looks like Nancy Pelosi is reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

9:45--A lot of time on Iraq. Surge has been working, this enemy will be defeated. I think some guy yelled "You're wrong" in the crowd." Anyone else catch it? Go figure. I'm taking a smoke break. I'll be back in 15. Here's to hoping I don't miss a Pelosi boobey flash. God they are fabulous for her age.

10:05--Was Bush just talking about the Constitution. He knows what that is? How about the rest of the hall? I saw a bunch of confused looks...

*I just heard the guys on Fox say Bush made this joke adressing people who want to see a tax cut saying, "they are free to send more money in. THe IRS takes checks and money orders." I apologize to the President, in case he checks out TtP late-night.

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