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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

9:00 Primary Update

Karl Rove has a gig with Fox! Who saw that coming? I was thinking he would be a good fit on Current.

Rove: "Huckabee could win 6 states" Scary, but I'm not sure it's correct. He could win (or already has won) Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Arkansas. I count 4. I quickly count 4 though, so I may be missing one.

Random thought: XM Radio's Potus '08 channel does some pretty good coverage. They also offer some decent programming outside of voting days. If you have XM, check them out.

Georgia is looking close, but Huckabee is out front by about 4 points and it looks good for him.

Missouri is a must win for Romney, and by some accounts exit polls show him down slightly to McCain. I'm hardly saying anything new, but Romney must pull a victory in Missouri and a victory in California to stay relevant in this race.

I keep switching to CNN in hopes to see Anderson Cooper's -- I'm sorry, AC's floating pie charts.

Actual results so far are pretty standard. Drudge has them up if you're curious.

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