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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anti-Social Behavior 'Will Not be Tolerated'

Government Announces New Drugs Strategy

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has unveiled the Government's new 10-year drugs strategy.

The new £1 billion strategy includes plans to extend police powers to seize drug dealers' cash and assets on arrest, rather than conviction; make drug users who receive benefits be assessed by a specialist treatment provider to help them get into treatment and back into work; and provide family-friendly services to protect more young people and families affected by drug use.[...]

"We will continue to send a clear message that drug use is unacceptable; that we are on the side of communities; that we demand respect for the law and will not tolerate illegal or anti-social behaviour; but we will provide help for those who are trying to turn their lives around, to get off drugs and into work, to ensure drug problems are not handed on to the next generation; and that we expect drug users themselves to take responsibility, and will help them to do so."
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