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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Archbishop is Criticized for His Support of Sharia Law in the UK

It is a good thing that common law still is in effect in the UK, at least for Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury who supports the enaction of Sharia law in the UK. That is because under Sharia law the Archbishop of Canterbury would surely be put to death by stoning under its authority as he is as apostate. Thank goodness his own church has come out against him.

The picture above shows Sharia law in practice. Most of the victims are women who are accused of infractions such as being somewhere without being accompanied by a male relative. Being in public with someone who is not your husband or relative is considered adultery and will be punished by stoning.

It is almost all women who are stoned, as hyper male Muslim societies focus all of their anger and punishment on women. The woman is buried to her chest and then pelted with rocks until she is dead.

Rowan Williams, you do not deserve to live in the West if you would allow Sharia barbarism to exist in any way in the UK.

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