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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Coming War on Dirt Bikes

It's already illegal to ride a dirt bike in Charm City. Next up: Proposed legislation that would force owners to install ignition locks or wheel clamps on dirt bikes at all times. If the vehicles were not immobilized the city would be allowed to steal seize the property, and the owner would not be allowed to purchase the vehicle back from the city. The bike's former owner would also be castrated, then shot, after which his/her dead body would be thrown to the pigs for supper as punishment for the unforgivable offense of leaving their dirt bike drivable in the World's Safest City.

Full article here, complete with shake-your-head stupidity like:
“What typically happens when the police seize these bikes [particularly from drug runners] is that the people who forfeited the bikes show up at auction and just buy it right back. This law outlaws that practice,” said Shaun Adamec, spokesman for City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who also supports the bill.
Get it? People who have "forfeited" -- which is nice talk for the government stealing your property -- their bikes have the audacity to try and buy back their once-owned property. The nerve of some people!

Dirt bikes are annoying and loud. Possibly even dangerous. Some are even used by drug dealers. Still, does this mean that we should go to such drastic, and seemingly unconstitutional lengths to prevent their use within city limits? A rational, and liberty-loving individual who believes in property rights would say no. Power hungry, and all-knowing politicians and bureaucrats say yes.

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