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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Does Hallmark Make a "Sorry You Were Busted" Card?

The cops of Northglenn, Colo., have found a new way to make Valentine's Day suck: Use it as a cover to serve outstanding warrants:

NORTHGLENN, Colo. -- The scene is not suspicious on Valentine's Day. A delivery man with a long stem rose box emerging from a van that says "Flower Delivery" on the side.

In reality, there’s nothing in the box and the delivery man has handcuffs on his belt.

Undercover Northglenn police officers spent Valentine's Day rounding up unsuspecting wanted fugitives who thought someone was sending them flowers.

"Hello there, Happy Valentine's Day," officer Matt Hindman said at a door.

The man who answered is wanted for failing to appear in court on a marijuana charge.

Hindman explained the flowers are expensive and his boss wants him to check IDs.

The man returned with his license and asked for a pen to sign for the delivery.

"Northglenn police undercover, OK? You've got a warrant for your arrest, OK?" Hindman said.

Instead of flowers the man, who police identified as Ronald Madden, received silver bracelets and a trip to jail.

Before being taken into custody Madden joked with officers about the phony Valentine.

"Honestly it didn't click with me until I heard, 'Northglenn police' and then he pulled out the badge and I thought, 'Damn you guys are good,'" Madden said.

Of course, it's all about context. For some people getting handcuffs on Valentine's Day could be very romantic. You know who you are.

UPDATE: Title fixed.