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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is Eli Manning All of the Sudden Hot?

Just about every female would conclude that the picture to the left shows that Eli is indeed hot. Long legs in blue jeans with a slim waist and a big leather belt to accentuate it go a long way in the American female imagination.

Sally Jenkins in the Wa Post today opined on Eli's looks:
Maybe it was an illusion, but did Eli Manning's face get leaner, and his back straighter overnight? On the morning after the Super Bowl, he stood at a podium to accept his most valuable player award, somehow older in a dark suit with a white handkerchief peeking from his pocket. When Manning won the game of his life over the New England Patriots, he lost something else: his baby fat.
Manning is not capitalizing on his fame by dating a super model as he is engaged to a normal person whom he has been dating since his college years. So there will be no Yoko Romo to curse the Jints going forward.

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