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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Blogging the Democratic Debate

Since this could be the last Democratic debate before Clinton and Company pull the rug out from underneath Barry Obama's campaign -- a la Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan; I'm planning on grabbing my favorite mind-altering substances to blog the depressing thing live here for TtP.

Check back at 9 for more.

9:00 -- Pre-debate thoughts: 1) Just caught Bourdain's No Reservations: Ireland. Good show, made me want to jump on a flight to Shannon immediately. 2) I like this idea for McCain's running mate. She's far as governors go.

9:07 -- 7 minutes before MSNBC showed the Barack HUSSEIN Obama picture of him dressed like a black, Quasimoto version of Osama bin Laden.

Too bad. I had 4 minutes in the TtP pool.

9:15 -- How you know you're watching a Democratic Debate: The candidates argue over who provides the authentic universal health care. I think I heard Hillary say something like, "I've met too many people who don't have the health care that they deserve. Deserve...

9:25 -- So...Any doubts we have universal health care by 2009? I can only hope this prediction goes the way of every single one of my other wildly off-mark predictions.

Yay! Free trade bash time!

9:35 -- I think I just heard Obama say that we could "build and export windmills from Ohio" in reference to creating green jobs that can't be outsourced. I'm serious, that was one of his 3 examples. Odd...

Certainly not a new insight, but Hillary's voice is grating. Really tough to listen to for 30 minutes; let alone 8 years.

Obama's the big winner so far. Composed and calm.

9:42 -- I think Obama has decided to stick with his " Vote for Me: I'll Bomb Pakistan" meme. I'm not judging the policy; but I don't want liberals and Obama friendly libertarians to brush this off when he gets the nomination.

9:52 -- Be sure to check out Dave Weigal tonight. He's got this debate live blogging thing down.

10:00 -- Hillary on the little man, "They are working harder than ever...they feel invisible to their government". Uh..Not quite my feelings as a middle-class worker. That's my constant wet dream in life, so I wish it was true. But the government seems to have a good idea of how much I make a year, and how much their cut is.

10:15 -- I like it. Russert is finally going after Obama like he's been hammering Clinton. Blasting him with his ties to a Black nationalist church in Chicago, and anti-semitism in the black community. I could imagine a better response than the side-stepping one Obama gave.

10:25 -- The discussion about Russia (minus Hillary struggling for Putin's successor's name, completely fucking it and up, and then pretty much saying "my bad") is almost as dull as the heavyweight clash of two former Soviets this past weekend in New York.

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