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Monday, February 11, 2008

Pussycat Preachers Pounce on Prostitutes

Jesus would be proud:
RIVERSIDE, Calif., Feb. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- When young pastor Matt Brown announced he was supporting a ministry for women in the sex industry led by an x-stripper, he was expecting applause. Instead, he got cold stares and an e-mail inbox filled with angry letters. At issue was Heather Veitch, an x-stripper turned evangelist.
Expecting applause? How do not love this guy? Basically he said, "I want to work with a blond stripper with big tits. I'm going to give her $50,000 and follow her into strip clubs and porno sets. Appluad me, bitches." Seriously, I want to marry Pastor Brown. What balls.

More on that $50,000:
Instead of backing away from Heather, Pastor Brown put up $50,000 of church money to support the ministry. But in no time at all, a rumor got started that the $50,000 was being used by Brown to buy lap dances for himself. Brown suddenly found himself on the verge of losing his church facility housed on the campus of Southern California Baptist University.
A rumor..Gee, how do you think that rumor got started? Could it have something to do with giving $50,000 to a stripper? Even better, it was church money. Maybe I should get to know Jesus. I pay for my sexual addictions with my own hard-earned money. And sanity. And emotional stability. Oh, and physical well-being. You get the point. No one is helping me out.

The ex-stripper evangelist on her record:
For her part, Heather Veitch claims she is winning souls and that is what matters. For evidence, she has the documentary which shows a number of strippers making their first venture into church. "Now comes the hard part," Heather smiles.
I need names of churches please. Addresses would be nice also.

The documentary's web site, The Pussycat Preacher here. Article here. Heather's website here, where you can check out her blog, a gallery of pictures, and get booking information for private parties. Uh sorry, I mean "speaking engagements".

Thanks to Sean Higgins for the tip, who last I saw him was heading off to strip clubs with bible in hand 20 WWJD bracelets on his arm.

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