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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soldier Finds Himself Caught in the Crosshairs of Our Nation's Idiotic Drug Laws

I'll excerpt a bit, just so you get the idea, but please read the whole thing. The legal battle to try and keep this guy from serving the 5 years is still ongoing and has had its ups and downs.
The defendant, Sgt. Patrick Lett, had served 17 years in the Army, including two tours in Iraq, and he had pleaded guilty in federal court to selling cocaine. It was up to Judge William H. Steele, a former marine, to decide how to punish him. [...]

Sergeant Lett re-enlisted in October 2004. He was about to deploy to Iraq again when he was arrested. It turned out he had sold cocaine to an undercover federal agent.

Judge Steele made plain that he wanted to give Sergeant Lett the briefest possible sentence. But Congress had set a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, Judge Steele said, and that is the sentence he reluctantly imposed.

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