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Friday, February 08, 2008

Supply & Demand, Supply & Demand, Supply & Demand

If only our members of Congress could grasp the concept. Introducing a new House bill designed to lower the cost of a college spending $97 billion dollars in aid for students and schools.

The steep price of a college education was targeted yesterday as the House overwhelmingly approved a massive bill that would hold colleges and universities accountable for rising costs, authorize billions of dollars in aid to students and schools, and give families more consumer information. [...]

The measure would authorize Congress to provide some $97 billion over the next five years for programs that aid students and schools, according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate from December.

Despite decades of federal funding, the price of tuition has continued to rise sharply and it's becoming increasingly out-of-reach for average families, lawmakers said.
It's pretty simple. As long as we keep telling everyone that they need to go to college, and as long as we keep subsidizing that education with generous loans, we will never "solve" the problem of rising tuition costs. Lots of people want to go to college. Getting the money to pay for that college is pretty simple and cheap. Therefore, schools will continue up their prices and spend like crazy when they know they have a wildly increasing revenue source. Both from guaranteed tuition payments, and straight-up payments from the state and federal governments. If you really want to cheapen college prices, abolish state schools and get rid of government sponsored loans and force every student who needs assistance to go to a private lender or a private charity.

But who wants to do something hard like that? Politically that's a losing play. Shit, it's not even in a playbook. No, it's a lot eaiser for them to continue this whole charade that makes college cheaper for white, middle-class families off the backs of poor brown people, because that's really what our politicians are doing.

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