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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Traffic Cameras and the Slippery Slope

Speed and red light cameras were installed a few years ago in DC with little public outcry. One of the intersections that red light running cameras were installed at, Nebraska and Connecticut, had seen four deaths in as many years due to red light runners slamming into cars. Libertarian me did not even protest that camera as I had a very scary experience when a huge dumptruck going about 50 at that same intersection ran a red light and would have killed me had I not noticed it coming and wildly acclerated to avoid it.

But those cameras do start a slippery slope of government. Marc Fisher in the Wa Post reports today:
In Britain, the global leader in official surveillance of public spaces, the latest generation of digital speed cameras produces photos that reveal when drivers are eating, smoking or using hand-held cellphones -- all no-nos in Mother England.

Are we still so happy with speed cameras?
The UK is ahead of the US both in terms of surveillance technology and the evolution of the Nanny State. Does anyone doubt that the government will, like the UK, start using those cameras for more invasive monitoring of drivers?

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