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Monday, February 04, 2008

Whatever Happened to Moms?

Does anyone else miss Moms? I do. A family would have 7-10 kids that Mom would stay home with and attentively care for 24/7. Baby-making, cooking, cleaning, making cocktails for the Mister in the evening -- those were the days. The days when Mom didn't have the time to write a piece for the New York Times on why cheating doesn't work out well in a marriage. Who knew? The intro, which is as far as I will get, but you can read the whole thing here.

AT an upscale pub in our small Northwestern town, one of the mothers seated around our table made an indissoluble confession: she told us she had been having a very serious crush on a man who was not her husband. She said the crush bothered her. Besides making her feel guilty, it also made her unsure of the status of her marriage. As she spoke, red blotches formed around her neck.
So without much effort I can re-write this to a similar situation that may have happened to someone that I know.

In a poorly-lit mall parking lot outside a Dave & Busters one evening after an extra-long happy hour with a few co-workers; one of the mothers made a predictable announcement. She found herself overwhelmingly attracted to Rob. She said the feelings bothered her, made her feel guilty and left her wondering about her marriage. Rob agreed that she should stay with her husband, but added that they should probably just go ahead and fuck, since thinking about cheating is basically the same as cheating anyways. She agreed. End of story.
Ok, I'll admit -- It's not perfect. But I wasn't sure what indissoluble meant, so I just went with fucking.

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