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Thursday, February 07, 2008

When Bad Cops Stay Bad

I thought I had blogged on this (involving the same cop as below) story a few weeks back, but checking our archives I was proven wrong. In fact, I thought I had written a bunch of quality posts that turn out not to exist. What a bummer.

This will make up for my oversight:

A police officer and the City of Baltimore face a $100 million lawsuit filed by a man who says he was sexually assaulted.

Adam May reports Steven Vernarelli claims he was walking to Johns Hopkins Hospital in October, when he was stopped for no reason and sodomized with his own paper money by a Baltimore City police officer.

Vernarelli filed a $100 million lawsuit against Officer Jerome Hill.

"He took the money, ripped it and then reached behind me and shoved the twisted pieces," said Vernarelli.
Good to know my tax dollars are going to something useful. Like paying $100 million for a city employee to sodomize a citizen with a dollar bills. At least give me a buzz next time so I can catch this on video and get a front-page hit on you tube or break.

There's more to this officer's problems. The story I mentioned at the top of this post, the one that I'd thought I'd blogged on, involved Officer Hill and an integrity-testing sting about a month back. Here's how dirty this cop is, or I guess I should say was:

BPD receive multiple complaints, including a "serious allegation" made in district court about Officer Hill. The integrity testing unit sets up a sting involving a couple of undercover officers planted as suspected drug dealers. Officer Hill is dispatched to the corner where the undercover officer/suspect is and he properly drills the guy in the face with his fist. No provocation, no reason to do it, he just smashes the undercover officer in the face. Back up comes out to pull Hill off the undercover officer and arrest him. It took ONE sting to get this guy. The very first time he just shows up and punches the guy in the face. I mean Christ, give us some hope that you weren't beating the shit out of everyone EVERYTIME you had an opportunity.

So that story made front pages, he was charged with assault and placed on unpaid leave. Now the stories start flooding out, as well as the lawsuits. I blame the individual officers, but I also blame the city for poor management and oversight of a police department that everyone knows is both corrupt and dangerous.

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