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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are There Any Smokers Left in California?


The Berkeley City Council has taken another step to protect residents from second-hand smoke by approving the first reading of an ordinance that will expand the number of commercial areas in the city that prohibit smoking.

The ordinance, which was approved unanimously by council members at a Tuesday night meeting, will expand on an already existing ordinance that prohibits smoking in certain commercial areas, said Julie Sinai, chief of staff to the mayor.

The Public Commons for Everyone Initiative was passed by the City Council in November and expanded previous smoking ordinances to include 16 designated streets and commercial areas where smoking would be prohibited, city senior management analyst Lauren Lempert said.

However, the city found that enforcing and properly notifying the public of those designated areas was more complex than city officials anticipated, Sinai said. Officials decided to expand the ordinance to include all commercial areas in the city.

The Public Commons for Everyone (Except Smokers) Initiative, might be a better name.

By far though my favorite statement comes from the Mayor of Berkeley, Tom I Hate Freedom Bates:
"Strong tobacco prevention and control policies will move us closer to developing a tobacco-free future for all Berkeleyans," Bates added.
You could make a joke about what other (insert habit here)-free future these tools want; but the sad fact of the matter is that it wouldn't be a joke...Full story here.

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