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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Draft John Edwards

John Edward's supporters are making phone calls. Dave Weigal sums it up nicely: [empahsis mine]
Let's say, hypothetically, that Hillary Clinton keeps lucking out, that Obama keeps slipping into rotten news cycles and scandals, and that the two candidates keep knocking coats of paint off each other as they head into the summer? Wither the Democrats?

Of course not. Salvation is out there, says an e-mailer to Jerid of Buckeye State Blog.

" a phonebank from john edwards' supporters last night. they are telling people that a vote for edwards will still count and he will get delegates if he pulls 5% in ohio. that would, they say, give him more bargaining power at the convention."

This is not actually true. He would need 15 percent in at least one congressional district to get any delegates; more likely than not this is some trick to cut Clinton or Obama's vote totals in central Ohio. But there is a Draft Edwards movement, and this one has scored an awesome 100 signatures for the cause of injecting him back into the race.

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