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Monday, March 24, 2008

Great Plan; But Why Waste a Night of Real Drinking?

Kids throw root beer kegger to make a point. Cops show up:
ROTHSCHILD -- The Zebro home in Kronenwetter showed all the signs of an underage drinking party March 1: cars blocking the road, dozens of rowdy kids and a keg.

And yet, every partyer's breath test revealed an alcohol-free gathering.

Dustin Zebro, 18, and his friends said they threw the party after D.C. Everest High School administrators suspended their friends from sports.

"We didn't know it would work well enough to make the cops show up," Zebro said of the plan to poke fun at the administrators by throwing a root beer kegger.
Clever idea. Way more clever than anything I could have thought up at that age. My goal was to keep the cops as far away as possible, not bring them closer with an elaborate hoax, but kudos goes to the students for making a point. Of course school officials weren't so pleased, experessing thier displeasure that the root beer kegger downplayed the significant consequences of underage drinking.

Enter Debra Burgess, who from her job title, I can tell is one helluva' fan of fun.
Debra Burgess, drug free communities coordinator for the Wausau School District, said the root beer party, and its motivations, downplay the consequences of underage drinking, which include harmful decisions and stalled brain development.
I'm not a medical expert, (though I do like to give out free advice on subjects I know nothing about) but I'm fairly sure that high school sports are more of a danger to brain development than underage drinking. You know, like concussions and repeated pounding of the head against helmets, soccer balls, goal posts, etc. So I say, ban sports! Wait...They're already working on that? Nevermind then. I'll try and think of something else fun we can ban. Back to the drawing board!

Full story here.

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