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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Hillary "Experience" Hoax

Hillary claims to have 35 years of public service experience. Simple math concludes that she is counting every year since she was 23 as being relevant, and simple common sense says that such claims are ridiculous.

At age 23, right after graduating from Yale Law School, Hillary failed the DC Bar exam. After that, she revisited Bill's overtures and moved to Arkansas to be with him. She then joined the Rose Law Firm and managed to pass the easy ARK bar exam. There she stayed while her husband became governor and did nothing political. So the 35 years of proclaimed experience need to be discounted by that time frame, which is 20 years. So Hill is now down to 15 years of experience.

Then Bill won the presidency. Perhaps this is where Hillary's "experience" began? She can take credit for being a part of the presidency but her current stance on NAFTA, a cornerstone of her husband's policy, completely contradicts her assertion that she was a major part of policy formation as she has made repealing NAFTA a cornerstone of her populist agenda. If she indeed had a say on NAFTA and is now vehemently opposed to it where was she when her husband was writing it into law?

I would love to see a woman president but this is not the right woman. As Sullivan rightly bemoaned, the Clinton campaign is The Horror Film That Never Ends.

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