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Monday, March 10, 2008

More Spitzer Links

The Fix has a decent, take-it-for-what-its-worth run down of the political implications of this, where I learn that the Lieutenant Governor of New York -- who would take over if Spitzer resigned -- is a legally blind black man. Which would have to be some sort of milestone in regards to governors, as well as a major coup for the blind African-American community years after the not-too recent exit of Ray Charles from the national stage.

Also, from this WCBS news blurb I learn that escort service he was allegedly using was way out of my price range. By about $5,540/hour:
[...]the high-profile "Emperors Club VIP," which was accused last week of offering prostitutes to wealthy clients, topping out at $5,500 an hour. Four people were arrested in the ring that was linked to cities in the U.S. as well as in Europe.”
And, of course, The Smoking Gun has all the documentation (mostly in relation to the Emperors Club), including transcripts, which will require a lot of whisky and time for me to go through it all tonight.

We've also got our Eliot Spitzer tag up, so be sure to give it a click if you landed on this page from google or another link.

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