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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ton of great games going on right now. #15 seed Belmont is exposing how weak Duke is again this year in the tournament, keeping the game within a couple points. My Winthrop picking is holding true to form for a Rob pick, with Winthrop down by 20 with 5 min left in the 2nd half.

The USC game is giving me fits. Come on Mayo, step up, close Kansas St out and make this blogger happy.

UPDATE: Great night of basketball. Duke holds Belmont, but Belmont gave them a hell of a ride. USC loses to Kansas St, sending some of my brackets onto life support. Good stuff

Any one else get douche chills when coaches allow cameras in for the locker room talk? George Manson's coach was talking about magic carpet rides and leprechauns. Enough.

Picks for the late games:

Notre Dame over George Washington
UCLA over Miss Valley St
Arizona over West Virginia
and if you want a Radley style upset...Cal St Fullerton over Wisconsin

Let's see what happens.

UPDATE: I hate Wisconsin and all things Big Ten. I shouldn't say all things; I've had some incredible sexual encounters with Wisconsin girls, but even their promiscuity and limitless sexual boundaries don't make up for how much I hate Wisconsin basketball. Yuck. Save me Fullerton and make a comeback.

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