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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Police Mootality

The cow probably called the cop "dude":

ROGERS — A Rogers police lieutenant will be suspended 10 days without pay for firing a department-issued electric stun device at two cows in June 2006.

Lt. David Mitchell's suspension will begin March 17, said Rogers Police Chief Steve Helms.

The department began an internal investigation into the matter last month after an animal-rights organization complained to the Police Department and city administration that Mitchell showed several colleagues a video of himself and another man firing the stun gun at a cow.
Here's the punch line:

A report detailing the investigation released today stated the incident happened during the first half of June 2006 on property Mitchell owns and involved cows owned by his family.

The report says the first cow was not hit, and in fact, the device malfunctioned and shocked Mitchell and the other man, who is not a member of the Police Department.

Thinking this over, I'm pretty sure that the cow got a better response out of the police department than a human victim of a tasing. Full story here.

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