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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Primary Night in Middle America

7:50 -- I turn on the TV to see the breaking news that CNN has declared McCain the winner in Ohio and Vermont clinching the GOP nomination in with his delegate count unless Huckabee sends Chuck Norris out to the states to roundhouse-kick ballot counters. Zing! I like it, easy stuff. No wonder Huckabee uses that formula. Solid.

8:20 -- Ohio looks good for Clinton. Very early results in Texas look good for Obama.

Has anyone noticed how short Wolf Blitzer looks? It might be the giant pie charts he stands next to on that stage, or he might just be really short.

As always check out Dave Weigal at Hit&Run and Jim Geraghty at NRO. Also myDD.

8:30 -- From Jim Geraghty:

Hillary's Not Quitting, Not Now, Not Soon, Not For a While

Over in the Corner, Steven Spruiell breaks some major news: "A minute ago former DNC chair and professional Clinton-friend Terry McAuliffe indicated to reporters that Clinton intends to stay in the race until all the states (and Puerto Rico) have voted."

If McAuliffe isn't just boasting, this means Hillary stays in until at least June 7.

Seems about right.

9:05 -- McCain wins everything, officially clinches nomination. Huckabee to speak in 10-15 min. He is supposed to drop out of race tonight.

Fox News' Fred Barnes on the political implications of the economy. "Here's the thing -- If we have a recession the economy will be worse than it is now." Fair point Fred, fair point.

This Clinton Team conference call to complain about Texas irregularities sounds fun, doesn't it?

Very, very, early results in OH look good for Clinton. The media is trying to portray a Clinton Surge tonight. Will it turn out to be the truth?

9:50 -- Paul wins his primary battle according to Weigal; the only question remaining is by how large a margin.

McCain is speaking right now, with his creepy, but hitable wife behind him. He has the "1191" banner behind him, which I was surprised to find out was not his age but the delegate count needed, and reached tonight, to clinch the nomination. He does a bunch of war stuff, but I'll give him credit for hitting the Democrats on their squabbles over NAFTA and the global economy. I think I head free0markets mentioned too. Hey, you take what you can get.

Morning Update -- Hillary wins in Ohio and Texas, giving her enough fuel to continue the primary season into the summer. Personally I'm happy. Give me 2-3 months more of primaries. No way I was looking forward to the general election starting today. November is a long way off.

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