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Monday, March 03, 2008

Prohibition: Harmless?

New Study Outlines Harm of Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy

Marijuana: Harmless?


Above, as quoted directly from the ONDCP's blog. Classic sensationalized scare tactic. Has anyone who is engaged in the public debate over our drug policy ever come close to asserting that pregnant women should smoke marijuana -- legal or not? Of course not, that's nuts. Is this a real fear of what's to come if we loosen some of our drug laws in our country? Pregnant women running around like mad zombies, joint in mouth, high as shit, damaging their unborn children with every puff. As much as I might like that fantasy to come true, it's highly doubtful and completely unassociated with any argument that anyone makes.

What does it have to do with any part of the legitimate drug policy debate? Nothing, of course; but the government continues to get away with their mis-information war, compiling lies and straw men everywhere you look. The truth is we have plenty of legalized substances -- including ones like alcohol and cigarettes that make the government a tidy profit -- that can cause harm to an unborn child/fetus/mistake, whatever you want to call that lump in the belly. Fish can harmful for Christ sakes. Should we ban fish? If there was a federal agency in charge of controlling fish, would we have TV ads with a picture of a cod and a pregnant lady, with the title "Fish: Harmless?" It makes just as much sense as a picture of a pregnant women with the title "Marijuana: Harmless?" As my post title suggest, I want SSDP, Stop the Drug War, MPP -- any one of those outfits to start running ads with the a picture of a packed jail cell with the title, "Prohibition: Harmless?" Because that's the real question centered around this debate.

Sidenote: I will say, in the effort of agreeing to disagree, at least John Walters and this TtP blogger enjoy posting pics of pregnant women on our blogs for utterly no reason at all. Kudos. Maybe we can get a beer sometime John? We can swap material off our hard drives, or trade URLs of some of our favorite sites. It'll be fun.

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